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Our Mission


PCs4Schools was founded to encourage and support Hong Kong businesses to dispose of their obsolete computer equipment in an ecological manner and to bring computers to those less fortunate who are in dire need of them.  By doing this, we can find them new homes with needy organizations in Hong Kong and across Asia rather than adding to the toxic E-waste problem. 


We work with the most prestigious and wealthiest corporations for donations and help out the most needy and poor of our community.  It is our goal to see that the luckiest organizations in Asia supply their unwanted computers to the ones who need it the most: Orphanages, children's homes, low income schools and community centers in Hong Kong, China and across all of South East Asia. In time, we hope to expand our influence to collect contributions from Japan and Singapore and to help needy groups outside South East Asia.


Corporations are encouraged to not only donate their computers but also their time, money and resources. Shipping companies can help with shipping, trucking companies can help move them from the port and local groups can help with set up and basic system instruction. Of course, we also need cash contributions to keep things going. All donors will receive recognition, tax benefits and the undying thanks of PCs4Schools and the people who receive them.